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Get Rid Of Your Dog Poop Today!

Book A Ninja

Let the PoopNinjas do your dirty work!

Service the Ninja way

Our ninjas are prompt, courteous and professional. We take care of the job at hand so you can continue about your day. It’s the ninja way.

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We love your pets!

If your pets are not aggressive, feel free to let them play around while we do our job! You love your pets, and we do too!

Poopscooping Dog Pooping

Flexible visits

Whether you need a regularly scheduled visit or one big poop removal job, our poop scooping ninjas have got your back! Simply book online or call us for availability!  Get your Ninja on!

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Proudly serving Lubbock, TX

What people say about us

PoopNinja Testimonial

“I was so happy with the experience I had with Poop Ninjas. They were on time, professional, thorough, and my dogs loved them! We look forward to their weekly visit!”

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Ashley booked a Ninja in 60 seconds with Poop Ninjas