The New PoopNinjas Website Is Live!

By September 2, 2014 September 19th, 2014 Uncategorized

Hello Lubbock!

The PoopNinjas as always are committed to bringing you the absolute best in customer service and an experience like no other.  With over five years of professional Pooper-Scooper experience, we are always looking for ways to improve and today we are proud to bring you our brand new web design.  We are here to revolutionize the entire pet waste removal industry!  Please take a few minutes to explore the new site and tell us what you think.

With our new design, we are proud to announce a number of new features we have introduced.

First, we now offer online booking!  We’ve made it easy as possible for you to enjoy the ninja experience.

We’ve streamlined our services.  We now charge a simple, flat monthly rate.  You always know when your payment is due and exactly how much you owe.  If your pickup day is normally on a Thursday, and you happen to be in a month where there are five Thursdays, you don’t pay extra!  No dealing with extra payments or a fluctuating bill on those one-off months!

Check our blog from time to time.  We look forward to updating it occasionally with things that may be of interest to you and us, as well as details about an occasional contest or two we may run.  Free stuff is always good!

Finally, we just want to say thank you Lubbock for your support so far, and we will strive to continue to bring you the absolute best, most thorough and professional poop scooping service in Lubbock!

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